March 25 2010

So Long Self: So Long Sin

Greg Smith teaches on Romans 8, explaining that the Christian can say so long to sin.

March 19 2010

So Long Self: A Study of the Power of the Resurrection; So Long Despair

Greg Smith continues to part 2 of the series "So Long Self."  So Long Despair.

March 18 2010

Eternal Security: John 10

John answers the question: "can someone who has been saved, loose their salvation."

So Long Self: A Study of the Power of Resurrection; So Long Doubt

Greg Smith begins his series on the power of resurrection in a believer's life

On the Enemy: Ezekiel 28

John examines what the Bible teaches about the enemy (the devil).

March 1 2010

Rightside Up in an Upside Down World; Acts 17

Greg Smith teaches what it means to live rightside up in this world.


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