December 29 2009

Love is…; I John 4:7-12

John Elkins teaches that God is love and what that means.

December 21 2009

What Child is This? Phillipians 2

Greg Smith answers the question, "What child is this?"

December 16 2009

Exodus 23:19-33;

John teaches on the Angel of the LORD in Exodus.

December 11 2009

Joy to the World: Luke 1:39-45

Greg Smith teaches on Elizabeth and the joy of the Lord.

December 7 2009

Exodus 23:10-19; Worship

John Challenges the people to worship in truth.

December 4 2009

O Come, All Ye Faithful! (Joyful and Triumphant): Luke 1:5-25

Greg Smith leads the people to understand what it means to be faithful.


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