October 30 2009

Exodus 21:33-22:31; Do Somthing!

John challenges the people to do somthing!

October 26 2009

The Right Stuff; Acts 15:36-16:3

Greg Smith leads the congregation through an examination of the "stuff" that makes up those who serve the LORD.

Exodus 21: Slavery

John teaches about the laws on slavery.

Exodus 20:18-26: Blessings

John Examines the text of Exodus 20:18-26 in light of the blessings of the Lord upon His people.  Note: there are several testamony's of the youth throughout the message and at the end.

October 22 2009

Becoming a Successful Failure; Acts 15

Greg Smith examines the second missionary journey of Paul, challenging the congregation to become a successful failure

October 16 2009

Exodus 20:12-16; The Second half of the Ten

John Teaches the second half of the ten commandments.

October 8 2009

How Free is God’s Grace? Acts 15

Greg Smith teaches about the freedom of God's grace and the gift that it is for those who believe.

October 4 2009

Exodus 20:8-11; Sabbath

John attempts to answer the question, what is the sabbath?

October 2 2009

Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares: Acts 14

Greg Smith teaches about the dangers toils and snares that Paul and Barnabus faced.


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