September 25 2009

Genesis 1-3

Rudy Saenz leads the congregation in understanding what the implications of Genesis 3 are.

September 21 2009

Jesus Freaks: Maturing

Greg Smith calls the congregation to a maturing faith in Christ.

Jesus Freaks: Is Your Jesus Plastic?

Greg Smith challenges the congregation's perspective on Jesus with a comparison to the life of Paul.

September 13 2009

Exodus 20:1-11; The First Four Commandments

John examines the first four commandments.

Note:  The first 15 minutes of the sermon were not recorded, John introduces the sermon by asking, "how does Stephen, the first Martyr in Acts 7, become so focused on God that he would die in peace."

September 10 2009

Jesus Freaks, On Mission; Acts 13

Greg Smith teaches on Paul and Barnabas' work after being sent out from Antioch.

September 9 2009

Exodus 19:7-25; Meeting with God

John teaches on Exodus 19:7-25 and the meeting with God.

September 4 2009

Jesus Freaks, Unite: Acts 11:25-30

Greg Smith expounds on what it means to be a Jesus Freak.


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