June 30 2009

Genesis 3:1-7; Right in our own eyes

John Elkins teaches about the true nature of the temptation of Adam and Eve and the implications that it carries for today.

June 26 2009

Sufficiency of Scripture

Chuck Beem teaches on the sufficiency of Scripture.

Chuck Beem is the Missions Pastor at FBC Brazoria.

June 24 2009

Exodus 14:15-30; LORD over the sea

John teaches about the crossing of the red sea.

June 12 2009

Exodus 14:1-14; Be Silent

John examines the text of Exodus 14 challenging us to be Silent.

June 9 2009

Winning the Home Wars: Singles

Greg Smith examines what it means to be a single in the church.

June 6 2009

Winning the Home Wars: Graduates, You Belong

Greg Smith encourages families and graduates to realize their position in the church.

June 5 2009

Exodus 13; Enter the Wilderness

John Examines what it means to remember the Lord and previews what is to come in the wilderness.

June 2 2009

Exodus 12, Freedom From Slavery

John examines the implications of what it means to be free in Christ.


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