May 28 2009

Winning the Home Wars: Memorial Day, Lest We Forget

Greg Smith reminds the congregation to remember on Memorial Day.

May 22 2009

Winning the Home Wars: Grandparents

Greg Smith Challenges Grandparents to get in the war!

May 14 2009

Foot Washing, This is Community.

John explores John 13 in light of the community of the church.

Winning the Home Wars: Children

Greg Smith teaches on family focusing on parents and children.

Ruth: The Love of God

John overviews the book of Ruth, explaining that real love is found in the law of God.

May 12 2009


FBC Brazoria is privilaged to have brother Grozdan from Bulgaria come as a guest speaker.

May 7 2009

Living Sacrafice

Micah Huebner teaches on being a living sacrafice.

May 6 2009

Winning the Home Wars: Family

Greg Smith teaches about strife in the family.

Death and life.

Rudy Saenz teaches about death and the after-life.


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