February 25 2009

Is Jesus The Christ, Prove it! Acts 9

Greg Smith illustrates the proof of Paul's faith.

February 22 2009

Exodus 11; God’s will is free

John challenges the congregation with an examination of the hardening work of God on Pharaoh's heart.

February 19 2009

Trophies of Grace; Acts 9:1-19

Greg Smith explains the doctrines of Grace.

February 16 2009

Exodus 10:21-29; Waging War on the Darkness

John expounds on Exodus 10, the plague of Darkness.

Note: After John Began to talk about imagineing the darkness, the room became pitch black.

February 12 2009

The Pattern of the Gospel: Acts 8:26-40

Greg Smith leads the congregation to understand the pattern through which God works in Scripture.

February 7 2009

Ephesians 6:10-20; The Armor of God

Rudy Saens leads the youth through understanding the full armor of God.

February 5 2009

Barriers; Acts 8:26-40

Greg Smith explains that there are no barriers and attempts to remove the false ones we put into our lives.


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