January 30 2009

Exodus 10:1-20; Half-Way Life

John Challenges the congregation to worship with all they are.

January 29 2009

Heart Desease; Acts 8:4-24

Greg Smith diagnoses and offers the cure for spiritual heart desease.

January 23 2009

Exodus 9: Consumed by God

John teaches through the 5th, 6th, and 7th plagues.

Experiencing God Weekend

Gene Woolford leads the congregation through a recap of the seven realities of experiencing God.

January 15 2009

Exodus 8: Repent and Believe

John walks the congregation through an understaning the plagues of frogs, sand fleas, and flies.

Note: prior to the message there is a short testimony given by T K Pinson.  T K is a student at FBC Brazoria.

January 12 2009

When Push Comes to Shove; Acts 8:1-8

Greg Smith outlines the propper response to persecution and suffering.

January 9 2009

Exodus 7; Stand and Fight!

John examines the text of Exodus 7 challenging the congregation to stand and fight.

Acts 7: Full Faith Followers

Greg Smith challenges the congregation to become full faith followers of Christ through an examination of the ministry of Stephen

January 2 2009

Psalm 67: Blessings and purpose

Chuck Beem teaches the congregation what Psalm 67 teaches about blessings and their purposes.

Note: Chuck Beem is the Discipleship and Missions pastor at FBC Brazoria.

Easter Jesus: Isaiah 40

Greg Smith teaches the congregation that Easter Jesus is Christmas Jesus, and all that implies.

NOTE: There is a short skit before the sermon.


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