December 18 2008

Luke 2:1-38

John explains that the divine appearance came to simple, faithful people and challenges the congregation accordingly.

Emmanuel: God With Us

Greg Smith examines what it means for God to be with us.

December 15 2008

Phillipians 2:5-8: The Love Of Our King

John shares from Phillipians 2 what alot of us don't seem to get.

December 12 2008

The Christmas Promise

Greg Smith outlines the promise of Christmas.

December 4 2008

Exodus 6:10-7:2, God Uses Ordinary People

John explains that God uses ordinary people who recognizes their weaknesses to do extraordinary things.

Note: there is a short modern retelling of Luke 18:9-14 at the end.

December 1 2008

Do You Believe in the Providence of God?: Acts 5:33-42

Greg Smith challenges the congregation about weather or not they really believe in the providance of God.


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