November 24 2008

Thanksgiving Service

Greg Smith outlines three things necessary for Thankfulness.

Note:  There is a brief video before and after the message involving a family sitting down to thanksgivnig dinner.

November 17 2008

Fill The Streets: Acts 5:17-32

Greg Smith continues his series through Acts explaining that the church is supposed to fill the streets with the Gospel of Christ.

November 14 2008

Exodus 4:29-6:1: Now it’s My Turn.

John shares with the congregation when the Lord responds to Moses: "Now you will see."

November 10 2008

Wonderful Signs: Acts 5:12-16

Greg Smith challenges the congregation through an examination of the signs of the early church in Acts 5:12-16.

November 6 2008

Exodus 4:17-31, Mission Demands Obedience

John challenges the congregation to walk their mission in obedience to Christ.

November 3 2008

The Great Nation: Ten Things Will Remain True.

Greg Smith explains that 10 things remain true in the face of the election.


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