September 26 2008

Exodus 2:1-10, Commit Yourself To The River

John Challenges the congregation to surrender to God's plan on thier life through an examination of Moses' birth.

September 23 2008

Let the Storms Blow: Luke 8:22-25

Greg Smith teaches the congregation what it is like to overcome the storms that come in life. 

Note: A hurricane delayed our podcast for the last week... this is the first sermon in 2 weeks. Now things are getting back to normal and we will be producing as usual. 

September 8 2008

The Empire Strikes Back

Greg Smith leads the congregation through an examination of the upstart of persecution in the book of Acts. 

September 4 2008

Exodus Preview, Shadows

John begins his study of Exodus with a preview that explains the Old Testament as a shadow of the New.  

Surrender to Win, Acts 3:11-26

Greg Smith leads the congregation in understanding that God requires complete surrender.


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