August 25 2008

A Lame Excuse: Acts 3:1-10

Greg Smith illustrates the story of the Lame begger from acts chapter 3:1-10. 

Note: this message is unique in that Greg Smith illustrates this compelling message through a dramatic monologue.

The Names of God; Summary of the Names of God

John leads the congregation through a summary of the Names of God that have been covered in the previous two months.

Note: this is a full worship service, songs included.  The service is organized as short sermon, song, short sermon, song, etc...

August 22 2008

Band of Brothers: Acts 2:42-48

Greg Smith challenges the congregation of Brazoria to examine themselves in light of the early church.

August 14 2008

YHWH Shamma, Ezekiel Overview

John directs the congreagation to embrace their need for the LORD to be there through an overview of the book of Ezekiel.  In Ezekiel 48:35, the Name Jehovah (or YHWH) Shamma appears.  It means the LORD is there. 

Note:  Dustin Larsen ends this message with a reading of John Piper's poem Ezekiel's Wife, (which can be found at

August 7 2008

YHWH Mekodeshkem, Ex. 31:12-18

John teaches the congregation that YHWH is the one who sanctifies you.  Only Jesus brings sanctification

August 6 2008

El Roi, Gen. 16

John leads the congregation through an understanding that God is The One who sees all things even when we do not.


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