July 29 2008

The Battle Plan

Greg Smith challenges the congregation to follow God's battle plan.

July 24 2008

Jahovah Nissi, The LORD is my Banner: Exodus 17

John leads the congregation through an examination of Jahovah Nissi (the LORD is my Banner) as presented in Exodus chapter 17 when Moses and Joshua defeat Amalek. 

July 22 2008

The Jesus Paul Preached, Acts 17:18

Brother D.O. Foster leads the congregation through an examination of Paul's Preaching. 

Colossians 1:15-20, Jesus is King

John Elkins, challenges the congregation to submit to Jesus as King and head of the body by exalting the character of Christ.

Note: There is only a partial sermon recorded.  The last 5 minutes of the sermon are missing.  However, may the Lord bless you with what is there.  

July 15 2008

The Charasmatic Kingdom. Acts 2:1-12

Greg Smith answers the questions that follow the story of Pentecost.  What was Pentecost, what did it mean, and what does it mean for believers today. 

Traitors Deserters and Others Like Us! Acts 1:15-26

The treason of Judas and the selection of his replacement, Matthias, offer us strong lessons in both the dangers of unresponsiveness and the wonders of God's great grace. 

July 3 2008

Jahovah Rapha, Exodus 15:22-26

John explains that Jesus is Jahovah Rapha (the LORD who heals)  and that Jesus can cleanse your soul.

July 1 2008

Basic Training, Acts 1:12-14

Greg Smith illuminates three critical essentials for the Kingdom's army.  The required tactical gear includes 1: Obedience, 2: Unity, and 3: Prayer.


John examines the name YHWH (The LORD, or I AM) as it relates to our identity. 

The Kingdom Hope, Acts 1:9-11

Greg Smith calls the congregation to look heavenward in light of the everyday trials of life.


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