June 24 2008

I John 5:7-21, Conclusion to I John

John concludes his study on I John through an examination of chapter 5:13-21.

June 19 2008

The Kingdom’s Power, Acts 1:4-8

Greg Smith leads the congregation in a thorough understanding of the Kingdom's power in the life of a believer.

June 13 2008

I John 5:6-12, What will be said of you?

John challenges the youth of first baptist brazoria to examine their pursuits in light of eternity.  What will be said of you when you die?

June 12 2008

The Kingdom Lives, Acts 1:3

Greg Smith leads the congregation to understanding that the Kingdom is alive in the people of God. 

June 7 2008

I John 5:1-6

John leads the congregation through an examination of 1 John 5:1-6.

June 3 2008

The Kingdom Has Come, Acts 1:1-3

Greg Smith leads the congregation through the begining of the book of Acts.  Greg challenges the congregation to join in the clash of kingdoms and be on mission with Christ.


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