May 27 2008

Modern Day Acts

FBC Brazoria was privilaged to have Dr. Jim Slack as a guest speaker this past sunday. 05/25/08.  Dr. Slack has a Ph.D. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and Field Strategy Services and Assessments Consultant/Analyst for IMB.  This is his 41st year of ministry with the IMB,  25 of which were spent as a missionary to the Philippines. Most of his time is now focused on research and CPM strategy development. Dr. Slack is a missiologist, ethnographer, demographer, and an international speaker.   He is an expert on church planting movements and communicating the Gospel, teaching people to communicate the gospel in an Oral Cultures setting.

May 22 2008

I John 4:7-21, Do you love like Christ?

John leads the congregation through an examination of I John 4:7-21 and poses the question do you know God's love?

Communion Sunday

Greg Smith leads the congregation through a self examination before taking communion. 

Note: The sermon was presented throughout the service with songs interspersed in between speaking.  All this culminated in the taking of communion

May 20 2008

I John 4:1-6, Test the Spirits

John leads the congregation into an examination of I John, encouraging the congregation to test themselves and insure authenticity.

May 15 2008

The Ministry of Parenthood

In this mother's day message, brother Greg leads the congregation to a proper understanding of the role of parents in the lives of their children. 

May 8 2008

I John 3:18-24, The Walk

Through an examination of I John 3:18-24, John urges students to live a life in love with God.

Faith Factor

Greg Smith challenges the congregation to step out and be people of faith.

Note: before and after the sermon is a short drama involving two couples.  The first do not go to church and the man sits on a couch changing channels, unattentive to his wife, while she shares with him about her day.  The second couple is a Christian couple that attends FBC Brazoria.  The wife talks to the husband while he reads his bible unattentive to his wife's words.  The drama at the end only involves the church going couple.

May 1 2008

I John 3:11-18, Do You Love?

John challenges the congregation to examine themselves in light of what I John 3:11-18 says.  He poses the question, do you love?


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