November 7 2016

Looking For Love (in all the wrong places)! Gen. 29

The struggle for life is the struggle for love; but the hole in every heart can only be filled by God. Pastor Greg Smith shows how Jacob and Leah's lives model that truth.


November 3 2016

Hold Out Your Cup: Matthew 26:26-28

Pastor Greg Smith shares the account of the Jesus' last supper with His disciples to prepare the congregation for the Lord's Supper.


October 27 2016

Treasure Beneath the Stairway to Heaven: Genesis 28:12-22

The response of Jacob when he met God under the stairway to heaven and received the promises of God is the setting for this sermon by Pastor Greg Smith on the power of the Tithe.


October 20 2016

Beneath The Stairway to Heaven: Genesis 28:1-22

With Jacob under the stairway that reaches to heaven, Pastor Greg Smith teaches how a believer lives in relationship with the omnipresent God.


October 13 2016

Bless Me Too: Genesis 27:30-34

Through the blessing of Jacob by his father Isaac, Pastor Greg Smith teaches how to receive the blessing that everyone seeks, and how to be the blessing that everyone needs. 


October 6 2016

Family Life, Family Strife: Genesis 27

The strife found in the family of the Patriarch Isaac is typical of the strife found in every family.  Pastor Greg Smith shows how Christ, who redeems our life, can also redeem our strife.


September 29 2016

The Election: The Lord God Reigns! Genesis 27

Pastor Greg Smith teaches the doctrine of Election from the story of God's choice of Jacob over Esau and the blessing given by Isaac.


September 21 2016

Cherishing Your Birthright: Genesis 25:27-34

Using the story of Esau despising his birthright, Pastor Greg Smith teaches how a Child of God ought to live due to the birthright each has received from the Heavenly Father.


September 14 2016

Wells, Worship and Wigwams: Genesis 26:17-25

Using the life of the patriarch Isaac, Pastor Greg Smith shows what it takes to live an ordinary life of faith.


September 8 2016

Living Above the Snake Line: Colossians 3:1-14

Mike Mills preaches how to live the victorious Christian life!

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