July 11 2017

The Good Shepherd: John 10:1-18; Psalm 23

Joe Johnson preaches the Gospel of Christ, the Good Shepherd who lays His life down for His Sheep.


May 26 2017

Follow Me: John 21:15-17

On Graduate Day, FBC's Student and Family Pastor Joe Johnson preaches on the Call and necessity of Following Jesus.


May 11 2017

The Food of Eternal Life: John 6:53-58

A meditation from the Scripture before the Lord's Supper on the significance of the Body and Blood of Jesus!


October 14 2015

Let the Light Shine:John 1:1-13

Bro. Mike Mills preaches from John 1, showing how the light of Christ overcomes the darkness.


July 28 2015

The Food of Fasting:John 4:1-38

Pastor Greg Smith teaches how the power that food has in our lives translates to spiritual power in our lives when we fast.


February 5 2015

John 6:1-15; Feeding the 5,000

John continues to walk through the Gospel of John 


January 22 2015

Numbers 11; Introduction to John 6

John Elkins prepares us to examine John 6 by walking through Numbers 11. 


January 16 2015

John 5:30-47; The trouble with religious people

John continues to walk through John's Gospel 


December 30 2014

John 5:19-29

John Elkins continues to walk through the Gospel of John


November 16 2014

John 5:9-18, Not Everyone in a Labcoat is a Doctor pt. 2

John Elkins continues his walk through John's Gospel

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