August 4 2009

Exodus 17:1-7; Do You Trust God?

John Examines the text asking, do you trust God?


July 7 2009

Exodus 15:19-27; YHWH Rapha

John teaches about the LORD our healer.


June 24 2009

Exodus 14:15-30; LORD over the sea

John teaches about the crossing of the red sea.


June 12 2009

Exodus 14:1-14; Be Silent

John examines the text of Exodus 14 challenging us to be Silent.


June 5 2009

Exodus 13; Enter the Wilderness

John Examines what it means to remember the Lord and previews what is to come in the wilderness.


June 2 2009

Exodus 12, Freedom From Slavery

John examines the implications of what it means to be free in Christ.


February 22 2009

Exodus 11; God’s will is free

John challenges the congregation with an examination of the hardening work of God on Pharaoh's heart.


February 16 2009

Exodus 10:21-29; Waging War on the Darkness

John expounds on Exodus 10, the plague of Darkness.

Note: After John Began to talk about imagineing the darkness, the room became pitch black.


January 30 2009

Exodus 10:1-20; Half-Way Life

John Challenges the congregation to worship with all they are.


January 23 2009

Exodus 9: Consumed by God

John teaches through the 5th, 6th, and 7th plagues.

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